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What kind of sunglasses are best for baseball?

I am a baseball player and need some sunglasses to prevent my eyes from the lights.What kind of sunglasses should I get?
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  • Dip


    You just need baseball sunglasses. Baseball sunglasses, prescription baseball sunglasses or sunglasses for softball that are featured here were selected because they will protect your eyes, they stay on your head, and they help to contrast a white ball against colors in nature. The search for the perfect pair of baseball sunglasses should start by first prioritizing some safety and flexibility issues. Professional baseball players often wear sunglasses from Adidas, Nike, Oakley, Kaenon or Smith. But most non-professionals do not have the same reflexes as the pros. Glasses from RecSpecs or Hilco are ANSI Certified as sports safety glasses and younger players especially should look for this level of protection. Source:
  • Judy


    When choosing sunglasses for baseball, just choose the sunglasses that are comfortable to wear, neither too loose nor too tight. You can get sunglasses with brown tint which will help increases the contrast so that you can pick the ball easily.