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David garcia


Is it possible to cut a tiny screw to make it fit into my sunglasses?

The screws in my sunglasses are lost so I got more screws ,but they were too long to fit it.How can I cut them down to fit my type of sunglasses?
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  • enycelilbabii


    Replacing screws is a tiny problem. Just take them back to the stores where you bought them and it is always free for this service.
  • Luke oliver


    It is difficult to find the tiny screw that just fit your sunglasses. If you have got some big screws that should be cut into small, you can take your sunglasses and screws back to the place where you bought screws and they will cut the screws to fit your sunglasses.
  • Daniel christian


    I think there is no way to cut it unless you have the special tool. You just need to get a repair kit for sunglasses and there should be many screws in all sizes.Don't take the trouble to cut it.

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