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Does anyone know what are blublocker sunglasses?

Have you heard of blublocker sunglasses? Are they good? What do they look like?
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  • walkingaround


    Well, you should know that blueblocker is an American eyewear brand which is dedicated to making various types of glasses including sunglasses. They are famous for their prime quality and perfect design of frames. Anyway, I myself find their sunglasses really impressive in every way. Their design is trendy, vivid colored and fantastic. If would be wise for you to choose them.
  • Ariana oliver


    I never try blublocker sunglasses. But one of my friend said it is good. Maybe you can find the answer by trying a pair. And i just try to find the sunglasses out through online. Now, i find their websites. You can have a look at Just go ahead. Good luck.
  • Bernadette Korey


    Yes, just like other sunglasses, they are used to protect the eyes from the uv and other strong lights. They have the black lenses which follows the classic sunglasses' shape. You could go to the eBay or the Amazon to compare with the appearances of other sunglasses. About the design, they are cool.
  • clark


    Blublocker sunglasses are made for people who need prescriptive sun-blocking eye wear and for sporting activities. They block both UV rays and the blue light. Blublocker lenses can be made to include a gradient. A lens with a gradient is one that has the top portion of the lens in a darker shade than the bottom portion. The blublocker lenses come in a polarized version as well as the traditional lens. A polarized lens prevents reflection from water and metal objects as well as from windshields. This type of blublocker lenses remove scattered light rays, which often can be momentarily blinding.