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Can a sinus infection cause red eye?

I just wonder if a sinus infection can cause my eyes to become very red? If so, what am i supposed to treat it?
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  • Stacy


    Red eye is because that the vessels in the surface of the white part of the eye become irritated and enlarged. Sometimes, sinus infection increases the pressure inside the blood vessels and slow down its circulation. The blood might accumulate in the vessel and get irritated. It does not matter and is of consequence at all. With the improvement of sinus infection, it will clear up on its own. Treatment 1. Have enough sleeping time. While sleeping, your own immune system can self-healed. 2. Cold compression with cold water to calm down the blood vessels. 3. Have fresh fruit and vegs riching in VA, VC and VE.
  • Joshua?arnold


    Yes, the throat, nose and eyes nerves are interlinked. That is why the sinus infection cause the eyes get red. Because the immune system decreases, the eyes may get infection easily. You'd better have a good rest for eyes, not using computers for a long time. In addition, keep using the medicine to treat the sinus infection.
  • b3aut1fl_d1zast


    Well, generally speaking, of course it will make your eyes become red. As we know that red eyes are common and usually occur due to eye irritation. You should know that sinus infection can cause your eyes bloodshot, by increasing the pressure inside the blood vessels. In this way, your eyes will turn to red and make you feel bad. And also, you should know that there are many reasons which can cause red eyes, such as the eye irritation, eye energy and lack of sleep. But for your situation, we can say that there is something to do with the sinus infection which leads to red eyes. In my opinion, maybe you can have some eye drops or put some ices on your eyes. If the situation is still serious, I suggest you should go and ask the eye doctor for the details.
  • Sinupret Sa


    The ear, throat and nose are connected, don't so much the eye... but there are sinuses that are located close to the tear glands which when infected can make the entire section of the face swell and place pressure on each part involved which is how you could get a red eye.