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Matthew harris


Can I have lasik surgery if I have lazy eyes?

I feel blurry in my left eyesbut right eye is perfect.My doctor says it is lazy eyes.I wonder if I can have lasik surgery and make my vision 20/20
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  • Luke


    LASIK eye surgery cannot correct the erratic neurological connections that was acquired during infancy because of inadequate light stimulation. The LASIK procedure can only ensure that the image in the eyes is correctly positioned on the retina by reducing astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness. This is just a probability as LASIK eye surgery cannot completely guarantee a better or healthy eye sight. For adults with lazy eye planning to undergo LASIK eye surgery for correction, it is wise to honestly and openly talk to your eye surgeon before you decide to actualize your plan. Expect a straightforward answer from your eye surgeon whether or not LASIK eye surgery is suitable and effective for you and your eyes. Source:
  • Samuel rodney


    For patients suffering from amblyopia, Lasik eye surgery may help some adults see better but it cannot 'cure' the brain's inability to see. Lasik eye surgery cannot repair the way that the retinal cells send images to your brain. Lasik eye surgery cannot go back and correct the normal neurological connections that failed to develop in an infant due to lack of light stimulation. What Lasik eye surgery can do is help to reduce nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism which helps to insure that the image is in the correct position on the retina. Source:
  • Catherine


    There is no lasik surgery to treat lazy eyes if it is caused by an eye muscle disorder. However, children who have lazy eyes can be treated glasses and patch therapy.

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