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Are theatrical contacts bad for your eyes ?

Can i wear theatrical contacts for fun? Or Is it bad for eyes? Any suggestion?
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  • Justin fergus


    You can wear theatrical contacts for fun, because theatrical contact lenses are a fun fashion statement. But for safe, you should visit an eye doctor and receive a prescription when you are intending to use colored lenses. Because the size and curvature of each eye varies dramatically, and contact lenses must be specially fitted for each eye. You may end up abrading your eyes or compromise your vision if you wear poorly fitting contacts. Sometimes you may get infection if your contact lenses is not clean, then you should see an eye doctor and get treatment.
  • Caitlin owen


    Theatrical contacts are one kind of special effects contacts. Nowadays, many people wear special effects contact lenses such as Halloween contacts. It is ok to wear them only they are qualified. And also bad habit of wearing contacts does harm your eyes. Wash your eyes and clean contacts carefully. However, you are not suggested to wear them too much for the sake of your eyes.
  • Sue Livingston


    Most theatrical contacts are not safe enough to wear. Because some of them are poor quality products and you may get eye infection during your wearing. However, if you just wear them for fun in a few minutes, it is okay. But before you wear them, clean up your hands and face to reduce bacteria and germs enter eyes. Plus, you also can wear colored contact lenses to enhance your outlook. Red, green, blue, yellow and so on are all wonderful and charming. What's more, these colored contact lenses be made in quality manufacture.