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Matthew baker


Can watching tv cause blindness?

Is it possible to lead to blindness because watching too much TV? Any suggestion?
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  • elstrider


    Monitors, such as computer and TV screen is easy to produce UV lights. If you staring computer screen in a long time, UV lights can hurt the back of your eyes, then the normal lights are not easy to be received. That is, TV screen will produce UV lights, you need to prevent them just like miners must wear special eyeglasses to prevent UV lights. So you should arrange proper time to watch TV. However, watching TV too much is really bad for your eyesight, but it is hardly to cause blindness. All in all, watching tv at a reasonable time is the best thing you can do.
  • Logan quick


    It sounds crazy, but it's really possible to lead to blindness because watching too much TV. In fact, watching too much TV is harmful to you and your eyes, because we all know that while watching, we have to see TV for a long time without rest, then your eyes will become tired and this will reduce your eye vision and you will gradually develop into heavy prescription, which nobody want to have. You will not go blind in a short time, but for long terms and too much radiation, I think it is hard to say whether or when the damage to your eyes would make you blind. As far as i am concerned, you can surely take the TV as a way to relax yourself, but when you watch it for a long time, you should stop it and make your eyes watch the distance so that you and your eyes have a good rest. An eye exercise to relax the the eyes is also a effective way. Eyes are very important to everyone. Thus you have to treasure it.
  • en_liten_glimt


    It sounds crazy. As far as i know, watching too much TV can cause damages to eyes. For example, it can increase the risks of myopia. If you have myopia, it will make your myopia more serious. Besides, long time seeing TV screen also lead to dry, itch, red and tired eyes etc. So far, i didn't heard anyone who got blindness because of watching TV. But watching too much TV is surely bad for eyes. So, just reduce the time in your daily life on watching TV.