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What should i do if i get toothpaste in my eye?

Plz help! I got toothpaste in my eyes. What will happen? What am i supposed to do? Is it dangerous?
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  • geoffrey wei


    remove eye, replace with bleach
  • Eric quick


    The main active ingredient of toothpaste is fluoride in various forms which can remove teeth plaque and bacteria. If toothpaste got in your eyes, your eyes would be irritated, but not seriously. Wipe most toothpaste off with clean tissue or soft towel and rinse eyes. Use cotton swab with sterile saline gently and carefully clean the residual toothpaste. After that, clean your eyes thoroughly and apply eye drops. Close eyes, have a rest, all will be ok.
  • Caleb murphy


    It is true that toothpaste is harmful to eyes for there is fluoride in it. If you get toothpaste in your eyes by chance, you will have stabbing pain feeling. However, you needn't worry about it too much. What you should do is to calm down and wash your eyes with lots of water carefully. Remember never rub your eyes. It is normal if your eyes appear a litter red, they will recover after a certain time. If you have a bottle of chloramphenicol eye drops, you could drop one droplet in your eyes and it will help you restore sooner.
  • cap081291


    Oh, It is really terrible to hear that you get toothpaste in your eyes. Because the toothpaste in your eyes may cause some irritations if you not treat your eyes immediately. You'd better rinse the affected eyes with clean water or moist water. Hope it can flush all toothpaste out. If it is very serious, you'd better see a doctor. Good luck.
  • Poopy Doopy


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  • Isabelle duncan


    If you get toothpaste in your eye, rise it for about 10 minutes with water. This will take away the burning sensation.
  • williams


    If you get the toothpaste in your eyes, your eyes may feel stinging. It is not comfortable. However, you should wash the eyes as soon as possible in case of the melting into the eyes. If you can't clear your eyes fully, you'd better go to see the doctor and have the professional cleaning for the eyes.
  • Andrew bell


    Most toothpaste have bleaching agents in them. This is usually a hydrogen peroxide chemical and will not damage the eye. You should rinse with eye wash to get the abrasive out, this will help your eye feel better sooner than later. Unless you have active gum or teeth infections you should be OK. If you have either of these conditions you should seek out topical antibiotic treatment to prevent potential complications. Hope this helpful.
  • Lauren


    What if u get Colgate toothpaste in your eye
  • AH


    I accidentally got toothpaste in my eye. I immediately flushed it for 5 minutes with tap water. The pain continued so I went to the eye hospital. They checked the pH of my eye (normal) then flushed it with 500ml of normal saline. I was reviewed by the eye doctor had my visual acuity checked with a snellen chart testing and a slit lamp exam with fluroscein staining. Mild chemosis only. I was advised to use preservative free lubricating drops for a few days. No permanent damage. The ophthalmologist said injury depends on the pH of the toothpaste and if it contains whitening agent. If you are worried it is worth seeing a health care professional