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Can lyme disease cause optic neuritis?

Can lyme disease cause optic neuritis?Any measures?
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  • walker_


    It is really difficult to tell if Lyme disease cause optic neuritis. till now, the causes of optic neuritis is unknown. But most of people believed that the optic neuritis is result from inflammation and damage to the myelin cover your optic nerve. While Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by a tick. From this point, it seems it is impossible to develop optic neuritis by a tick bite.
  • Lynn Sherrill


    I am afraid so.But don't lose ur mind because of this.I have also heard that people's optic neuritis can be cured within three or four months.U may think that this is really a long time but actually not.It is very normal for u to cure an eye disease within such a period.U need to be patient and u should cooperate with ur doctor.Otherwise,I am nor scarring u,it will be very possible that u may go blind because of this.

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