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Where are vogue sunglasses made? In china, japan or other places?

Vogue sunglasses seem very popular. And they are sold everywhere in China, America, Japan etc. So, where are the vogue sunglasses made?
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  • Andrea warren


    As far as I know, Vogue is an international famous brand which was founded in Italy. It has got a long history of making luxuries actually. And indeed, their sunglasses are also quite popular around the globe. Yes, they are sold in many places in the world. But Italy is where their sunglasses are produced on general. So, you should prepare a big budget before planning to buy a pair of it.
  • Michelle


    Talking about Vogue, the vogue magazine is so hot that attracts a lot of people's care.And the vogue sunglasses are also designed with fashionable appearance, standing at the front line of fashion. However, they are sold almost everywhere. About the making place, the vogue sunglasses are made mainly in America and Italy.
  • walgreens_1


    The Vogue sunglasses is one of the high end brand of sunglasses. It's smart and elegance style. It popular in American and Europ. Nowadys, the made of sunglasses as well as other goods such as shirts, shoes, perfume etc. will not only manufactured in America. It is a workman ship of the world. You know where the less cost of the labor, where the factory is located. However, the quality control and test process is the core competition power of such kind of world brand. Where does it made, it is less important. It worthy of the money just because of its long history and culture representation. If you purchse it in a proper channel, I believe it is worthy the money!
  • Zoe


    Talking about Vogue, it remind me of Vogue magazine which is hot and popular among people, especially for women. And the vogue glasses are designed with many fashionable appearance, standing at the front line of fashion. Also, the Vogue glasses or sunglasses are recommended by most of people. As for their manufacture, I heard somebody say that they are made mainly made in America and Italy.
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