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Matthew baker


Are polycarbonate lenses more expensive?

My sister suggested me to choose polycarbonate lenses for my new glasses because it is better than other eyeglasses lenses. Is it true? Are polycarbonate lenses more expensive than others?
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  • commentsforme


    Well, yes, polycarbonate lenses are better than regular lenses. First, you should know that Polycarbonate lenses are safer and thinner but rather lack optical clarity. And also, they are also known to be thinner and lighter than traditional type lenses. For the functions, Polycarbonate lenses offers you total protection from UV light and radiations. So you do not need worry about the rays when you go outsides. On the contrary, ordinary plastic offers you minimum protection from UV light. In other words, if you use plastic lenses, you may need to invest in antiglare material to protect you from any harmful rays. And they are no so expensive, so you can buy them on online shop,,Where you can pay about 38 dollars for each one. So they deserve your choice.
  • Thomas


    Yes. Compared with regular single vision plastic lenses and glass lenses, polycarbonate lenses are more expensive. But the polycarbonate lenses lenses worth the cost you pay for. Polycarbonate lenses are lighter than regular plastic lenses, thus to provide your more comfortable wearing. Besides, the polycarbonate lenses are 10 times impact resistant than regular plastic lenses. It will allow you last for a long time.
  • Vanessa george


    Yes, polycarbonate lenses are more expensive than conventional plastic lenses. But they are not the most expensive. Polycarbonate lenses are very hard and lightweight. If you always have things hit your glasses such as playing basketball, this kind of lenses are suitable for you. But the best lenses are the high index lenses, because they are the thinnest and lightest. Though they are more expensive, but their quality is worth that price.
  • Mike


    Yes indeed, polycarbonate glasses are superior to those made of other materials. Since the quality of the material is able to better protect our eyes and it has longer duration which could prolong its product life. In the mean time, it could not be easily scratched. Due to the fact that the cost of making the material is higher, it has become clear that the prices for them is more expensive. But I think they are worth buying if you need them.
  • Enna


    In a simple answer, a little more expensive than conventional plastic and less than some very hi-index materials.