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Are transition glasses lenses bad for your eyes?

It seems transition glasses lenses are wonderful. I want to buy a pair, but my father said it is not good for eyes. IS that true? Are transition glasses lenses bad for your eyes?
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  • Kristy Prince


    Yeah, the transition eyeglasses may make your eyeglasses change the color between the indoors and outdoors. Actually it has the function of protecting the eyes from the strong light outside. But it is bad for the eyes to change the light intensity which may decrease the eyes adaptability. It is especially not suitable for the kids.
  • David garcia


    Well, I think the transition glasses are not bad for your eyes. As we know that they can protect your eyes from the sun's rays by quickly adjusting & adapting in changing light for better eyesight. In this way, your eyes will not be destroyed by the serious sunshine. And also, transition glasses can change its color according to surrounding light conditions. Because of all those special effects, they are popular with many people who often have to go outside. Maybe you can have a try.
  • Zoe


    I have had transitions for something like a few years now. They are great. Only complaint I have with them is the fact that it takes them so long to transition. They are not as dark as normal shades, but they do the job. They are worth it if you have sensitive eyes to like sunlight.
  • Kelsey McNew


    You have no need to worry about such things. Yes, the transition glasses lenses are wonderful; it can adjust the darkness follow the change of outside brightness of environment. It is auto and would change back to the original color. It can take good care of your eyes with decrease the eyes fatigue; help your eyes to accommodate with the outside situation. However, you must to find a wonderful quality ones other than weak quality one, for the sake of the weak one will damage your vision. The qualified one will anti-wind, anti-VU, anti-dust, anti-stimulation of strong rays. It is suitable for outdoor working people. Why not choose a good one for yourself? Go ahead.
  • Rebecca


    No, Actually, transition lenses can be very convenient and comfortable. The lenses can turn dark automatically in the sun so as to shield your eyes from intensive light and strong UV rays. Also, the lenses can turn into transparent and clear lenses indoor to benefit for your daily life. They are amazing eyeglasses.
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  • Marissa Thompson


    In response to Kristy Prince: if you don't wear photochromic lenses or sunglasses, your eyes will have to adjust to the light, causing fatigue. Furthermore, UV radiation from sunlight may cause damage to your eyes. Photochromic lenses are recommended because they adjust for you, reducing fatigue while providing protection and convenience.