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How can you tell if oakley sunglasses are polarized?

I want to buy oakley sunglasses with polarized lenses. How can i tell if they are polarized? Are all oakley sunglasses made with polarized lenses?
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  • steven


    No, not all of them are made with polarized lenses. Some are just with the common sunglasses lenses which can be seen from the label. The most basic function of polarized light lens is to filter more than 99% of the ultraviolet ray and can absorb the sun's harmful rays. The filter performance can reach the international standard requirements, effectively barrier strong light and filtering beam of the scattering light function. You can wear the oakley sunglasses to drive. If you feel good and perfect at the eyes after a long time of driving, this type of oakley sunglasses are made with polarized lenses.
  • eisenstiefel


    For me, i usually just see the instruction of the sunglasses or just ask the seller if they are polarized. If you want to identify yourself, you can also do it. Here is a simple way, you can take a second pair of polarized sunglasses. Look through both and turn one of them. If the image turn black that you can't see though the sunglasses, they are probably real polarized sunglasses.
  • Benjamin gary


    Instructions Step 1 Take your sunglasses outside when it is a clear sunny day. Best to go when the sun is going down. Polarized sunglasses are designed to block light that is polarized horizontally, but allow light that is polarized vertically. Step 2 Now hold your sunglasses up towards the sun and look at the glare. Start rotating the sunglasses 90 degrees. Step 3 If your sunglasses are polarized then the amount of glare should increase as you rotate them. If the glare remains the same, you have probably got cheap or fake branded sunglasses.
  • Susan Wright


    Not all of the Oakley sunglasses are made of polarized lenses. And that is not necessary. Polarized sunglasses are featured with filtering glare. In other words, in ordinary life, except summer and outdoor sports, regular sunglasses can meet our requirement. Oakley sunglasses focus on fashion and sports. Their polarized lenses might be no 1. They can totally filter harmful light ray without image distortion. There are some simple tips to recognize polarized lenses: 1. In generally, there is a LOGO on the lens or the tag; 2. Use test card. Some image can only be seen through polarized lens.
  • Amanda kahle


    I purchased a pair of Oakley polarized sunglasses at and I must tell you they are fantastic! Not only are they lightweight, but the polarized lenses are well worth the expense.

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