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What dress color can I wear with black framed glasses?

i just picked out some square black framed glasses, but can I wear color with it? or just blacks whites and greys?
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  • cocky_bitch


    Black famed glasses are easy to match clothes. Almost all colors and styles of dress can match black framed glasses and work well with square black framed glasses. You needn't just limit yourself with blacks whites and greys colored dresses, you can also wear some bright colored dresses like red, green or yellow etc. As long as the dresses match you, you can get a nice look with it by wearing black eyeglasses frames.
  • enigma_g


    You dress in any color will go well with black framed glasses because black can match any color well. You can not only wear outfit in black, white and grey, but bright colors, like yellow, orange and green are also great. I wear black rimmed glasses,too. In the summer, I often wear clothes in bright color, like green, yellow and blue. To be honest, the color of your glasses frames have nothing to do with the color of your outfit. They mainly depend on your skin color. If the black framed glasses can flatter your face, it is not a problem.

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