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What is the success rate of cataract surgery ?

My friend told me that cataract surgery is risk. So, Can you tell me what is the success rate if i take the surgery? Is it worthy to have a try?
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  • big john


    It is hard to say the success rate if you take the cataract surgery. Before the surgery, doctor will have a full check on your eyes. If you are suitable to take the surgery, you will generally get the recovery at the eyes sight. Thus you should not have the worry. You just keep the good diet and good rest before and after the surgery to protect your eyes.
  • Erika


    There do exist some risks in cataract surgery, and generally speaking, the rate of a successful cataract surgery depends on three factors. The first factor is whether the cataracts of the patient are approaching maturation period or not. This is because that the surgery on the cataracts of maturation period generally will be successful and has less complications. The second factor is the physical conditions of the patient. Patients whose overall immunity is good will have relatively successful surgery. And the risks that the elderly taking cataract surgery are mainly related with their underlying diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and so on. The third factor is whether the technoque of the doctor is professional and experienced. If the hospital is not expert in ophtholmology and the doctor is not professional, then the risk of cataract surgery can be higher. Therefore, the patient should go to the standard ophtholmic hospital to take cataract surgery. So far the cataract surgery has developed to a very mature extent, as long as the patient takes serious examinations before the surgery and take the surgery in a good hospital, the rate of successful surgery will be high. The cataract surgery itself is not complicated. It belongs to the operation of regaining your sight, which will not lead to blindness, by taking the place of the bad and muddy crystalline lenses with artificial crystalline lenses so that the patient will recover the normal eyesight. If there is no lesion in the eyes, the eyesight will be 0.5.
  • Jason


    Well, generally speaking, it will be safe to have cataract surgery. And according to some researches, the success rate of cataract surgery will be high to 95pencent. So in common, there will no need to worry about it too much. First, you should know that when there are some problems occur on cataract, you should take surgery to heal it, and that would be the cataract surgery. So cataract surgery is an operation to remove the clouded lens. Of course, to make the cataract surgery become effective, you need to be careful about your eyes in the first several weeks after eye surgery. For example, when you wash your face and eyes, you should be careful about your eyes. Generally speaking, you should not let the water into your eyes, or it can be harm to your eyes and in some cases, it can lead to eye infection. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Zoe Wang


    Cataract surgery is successful for 85 to 92 out of 100 adults. Surgery may also improve vision in infants who have cataracts.In one large study, 95 out of 100 adults were satisfied with the results of their surgery.
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