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Allison leslie


How to keep eyelashes from touching glasses ?

My eye lashes can touch my glasses. It is really bothersome. What shall i do to stop it? Do you have any idea?
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  • John Pearrell


    My problem is my eyelashes are unusually long due to eye medications I take. So my lashes constantly touch my lens.
  • Michelle leonard


    Generally speaking, the eyelashes of human beings are not long enough to touch the glass lenses. Therefore, there are mainly two reasons for your eye lashes always touching your glass lenses. The first reason is that the bridge of your nose is too low to hold the glass bracket. The second reason is that the seperation distance of the nose of your glasses is too far, so that your glasses can not be far enough not from your eyes and eye lashes. In order to solve these two problems, the best choice is going to the glasses shop to adjust the nose pad of your glasses. If adjusting the nose pad still can not prevent the eye lashes from touching your glass lenses, you can change your glass bricket which is more approciate to you. And pay attention to choice a bricket with longer nose pad. Besides, always take a piece of glass cleaning cloth in case that the eye lashes touch your glasses making the lenses muddy, if you usually wear makeups. For further information about glass bricket, you can refer to the website below.
  • Dawn C.


    If you have nose pads, move them backwards. If lashes are touching left only, adjust frame (bring left temple in toward head). Glue on clear plastic nose pad. If all else fails add foam cushion all around frame. There are even some stick on silicone nose cushions you can try which would be simplest add. But clearance should be same at both sides of frame before you do anything else.
  • Lex


    If your eyelashes touch your glasses, you may wear the glasses which are too close to your eyes. You should adjust the distance between the eyeglasses and your eyes. You could find the screw to adjust the position of the eyeglasses, especially the nose pad position. Then you could find that your eyelashes get away from the eyeglasses.
  • Robert


    I too have this problem with my computer readers. I disagree with the person that said that generally eyelashes are not long enough to reach the lens. I find that most all the readers I own touch my eyelashes. Houdini was actually famous for the length of his eyelashes too. Over the years, I've only found one pair (so far) that do not touch. This proves that it is possible to solve such a problem.


    Well, I had the same problem before. I have two solutions for you. For one, you can adjust your frame or nose pads. Move your nose pads backward. Or change another frame whose nose pads which are set higher on your nose bridge. For the other, you can curl your lashes with curler or have permanent eyelash curling in beauty salon.
  • Savannah taylor


    Here are two kind of solutions, one is to check your Bridge Width measurement. if the bridge is too wide, the glasses may sit too close to your face (and eyelashes!). And the other one is to look for Adjustable Nose Pads. You can have the glasses adjusted so they sit a little farther away from your face, giving your lashes more room.
  • Anupriya


    Which of the following is not possible cause of both lashes touching the lens