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Can i use milk clean my eyes?

Is it OK to clean my eyes with milk? Will it do some good?
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  • Zoe may


    Yes, you can use the milk to clean your eyes. Because the material of milk is gentle which will not stimulate your eyes, you can get the comfortable feeling when using the milk to clean your eyes. Because it contains the vitamine C which will moisture your eyes, your eyes will not feel dry after the washing.
  • Jordyn carter


    Well, actually, you'd better not. Because it is said that milk, even if it is pure, contains some bacteria, which will do harm to your eyes. However, if you insist, try not to use it when you have swelling eyes. Here, I recommend that you can use saline water to wash your eyes, but you should make the saline not too much. By doing so, you can clean your eyes and give your eyes a chance to rest. Anyway, we must confess that tear is the best solution to our eyes.Hope this can help you.

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