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Can ear infection cause pink eye?

I have ear infection. Is it contagious ? I mean it is possible to cause infection to my eyes? Will i get pink eye if i let it untreated?
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  • Mona


    Yes, ear infection is contagious, thus it is likely that ear infection can cause pink eyes if you let it untreated. As we all know that the main cause of pink eyes can be the eye infection, which is caused by bacterial, viral, and allergic. And you should know that bacterial conjunctivitis is caused by the same bacteria that cause ear infections. In other words, an ear infection can spread to the eyes and cause conjunctivitis, and eye infection. When you have eye infection, your eyes can be itchy, and finally give rise to pink eyes. To this situation, you have to be careful about it. Don't touch your eyes especially of the fingers which have touched the ears. Besides, you can just drop some eye drops so that it can relieve the symptom. But if you the situation became worse, you are supposed to take an physical examination as soon as possible.
  • handsome_fuck


    I am not sure if ear infection can cause pink eyes. Pink eyes also known as conjunctivitis. It is a common eye problem among children. And people with pink eyes usually suffered from redness, itching, inflammation in the eye. But usually, when people visit an doctor with conjunctivitis symptoms, the doctor usually check for an ear infection. And it is said that there are big chances that your ear be infected. It is believed that half of the children with pink eye have an ear infection. From this point, ear infection relate to pink eyes. But i am not sure if ear infection cause pink eyes. You can further consult an eye doctor for sure.
  • David cook


    It is hard to say, if your ear infection caused by viruses or bacteria, it can cause eye infection. And if let your eye infection untreated, it may have influence on your eye. But you do not need worry about it, the causes of ear infection are various, and mostly, ear infection can not cause eye infection.
  • Catherine lewis


    Pink eye (also called conjunctivitis) is redness and swelling of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that lines the eyelid and eye surface. Pink eye are commonly caused by infections, dry eyes from lack of tears or exposure to wind and sun, chemicals, fumes, or smoke (chemical conjunctivitis) and allergies. Ear infection is quite possible to cause pink eye because ear infection are also commonly due to bacteria and virtues infections. Pink eye can be healed by itself in 4-7 days if you never go out and play in the open air.