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How severe is my child's myopia?

My 10-year-old son has a -1.50 prescription, how severe it that for his age?
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  • cheryl


    Theoretically, it is considered low myopia/nearsightedness and it is not a problem, you do not need to put much emphasis on it. Unless cycloplegic eyedrops were used, this number may actually be lower; i.e., he may be even less nearsighted than -1.50. An ophthalmologist (Eye MD) would ordinarily use this technique in a child of this age. He should be rechecked annually to be certain that the prescription remains stable. However, small changes (progression) are normal as he is growing. High myopia (greater than six diopters) carries a higher risk of retinal detachment (when the retina peels away from the back of the eye).
  • walker8016


    Frankly speaking, your son have -1.50 prescription, which is not server. However, here I suggest that your son should take some excise to get his strength adjusted. You son need to have a 20 minutes after 20-minutes reading. If your son does not have a good eye-using habit, his prescription will be increased, which will lead to server prescription. Hope this helpful.
  • Gail


    In my mind that your child's prescription is not server and it is mild. Your child need to develop a good habit of using his eyes, his vision will be develop to a good level. Let your child stay outside much longer than stay inside. The study shows that it is helpful to keep a good vision when staying outside longer. Moreover, please keep a good sitting position when playing computer and studying. Hope this helpful.