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Thomas keith


Are fake sunglasses bad for my eyes?

There are some people wear fake sunglasses for cool and saving money. Are they good. Will wearing too much fake sunglasses bad for eyes?
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  • griffin


    Yes, fake sunglasses are bad for your eyes since they are harm to your vision and your eyes. Some people are glad to wear fake sunglasses because they think fake sunglasses look fashion and are very cheap. It's right that sunglasses are very cheap, but they have poor quality when compared with real ones,because of their poor styles ,materials and workmanship. Besides, the lenses may damage your eye since they don't provide adequate UV protection or they may have none at all. This puts you at risk for other serious eye problems caused by harsh UV light. Furthermore, the lenses may be distorted, giving you headaches and visual disturbances. so, I suggest you pay more attention to the quality of the product instead of its prices. Choose a real one for yourself.
  • constans


    Yes, wearing fake sunglasses too much will be bad for your eyes. As we know, the sunglasses are so special at the function from those common glasses. They are functional at the coating outside surface which may protect your eyes from the uv which comes from the strong sunlight. If you wear the fake ones, the uv may comes into your eyes. What's worse, your eyes may decrease the accommodation to the light because of the long time cover under the gray lenses. Thus, you'd better wear the fake ones to be cool.
  • Jade


    Absolutely yes, they do harm to your eyes and eyesight. Due to fake sunglasses have poor style, materials and workmanship even though they look like the real ones. Firstly, the lens may not be shatterproof and could damage your eyes in an accident. Due to it could provide inadequate or none UV protection. Thus, it enhances the risk of getting cataracts and other serious eye disorders based on harsh UV light. And the lens would be distorted, which would give you headache and visual disturbances. Furthermore, it would make eyestrain and stress easily due to its weak function.