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Will big nerd glasses look good on a girl with an oval face?

I have an oval face shape and I was wondering if these big nerd glasses would look good on me. I need some new glasses and was thinking about getting this kind.
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  • Zachary eddy


    An oval face is the most well-balanced face shape of all. People with an oval face can wear any kind of eyeglasses. So I think the big nerd glasses will look good on you. If you have perfect vision, you can get non prescription big nerd eyeglasses which are the trend glasses in recent years. They do make you look cool if they are suitable for you. If you wear prescription glasses, I suggest you get prescription nerd glasses which can meet your both needs for clear vision and fashion purpose.
  • Danai P.


    Big nerd glasses stands for simple fashion that are very popular among young generation especially for girls. And you are lucky if you have an oval face. Oval face are considered the most perfect face shape that you can wear any shapes of eyeglasses frames. So, you will be compliment with big nerd eyeglasses. Just choose the best suitable nerd glasses that can fit for your personal styles and outfit.

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