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Jeff N


Why do people like to wear plano glasses?

I just wonder why people wear plano glasses if they have good vision. Do they just wear them for fashion?
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  • Russ


    plano glasses are also called non prescription glasses. Those people who have perfect vision and want to wear glasses may choose to wear plano eyeglasses. Most people without vision errors prefer wearing non prescription glasses for fashion purpose. They can try different fashion glasses without prescription based on their own personalities. Some people want to wear non prescription eyeglasses just for hiding their wrinkles. What's more, Even if you have perfect vision, you can still wear plano eyeglasses because they can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, dust, and even radiation from computer by adding some coatings to the glasses lens.
  • Andri


    There are lots of reasons for people wearing glasses. But for people with perfect vision, wearing plano glasses are mainly for fashion or disguise their looks. plano glasses, also called non prescription glasses or clear lenses glasses, have no function of vision corrections. Now, with the popular of wearing glasses, eyeglasses & glasses frames become new and fashion accessories. People can change their looks in a promise way with plano eyeglasses.
  • charlene1o2


    Plano glasses is not nearsighted glasses. It is not good for solving vision problems. At first, people wear it for prevention of sand. Now the young wear it for fashion or prevention of black eyes or other facial defects. Some low quality may be bad for your eyes, you’d better choose good plano glasses.
  • coldnd


    In fact, many people wear plano glasses for fashion. Nowadays many glasses are fashionable and beautiful and it's pretty cool to wear a pair of popular glasses. So if people have not vision problems, they like to wear plano glasses. Besides, wearing plano glasses outside can prevent our eyes from some dust in extreme weather, like strong wind and sand storm. And some plano glasses are anti-reflective which are good for our eyes if we wear them in front of a computer, etc.