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Faith fergus


Are thick framed glasses still fashionable now?

I have seen Fred Armisen often wear these thick framed glasses and I like the style. But are they still fashionable now?
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  • Kaylee tuener


    Yes, thick framed glasses especially black framed eyeglasses are very popular right now for both elder people and young generation. With the popular of retro vintage fashion, thick frames nerd eyeglasses now are widely spread and enjoy lots of popularity. And you are really luck if you like thick framed glasses. Just try on to show your personalities. Good luck.
  • Mackenzie raphael


    Sure. Thick framed glasses are still in fashion now. This kind of glasses frames can effectively disguise the thicker lenses if you have a higher prescription. So people with strong prescription can chosoe thick framed glasses for their thick lenses. However, whether you will look good with the thick frame glasses will depend on your personality. You should go to an optical store to try them on and see whether they look good on you. Some people look very cool with these thick framed eyeglasses. While others not. So choosse one that suits you best.