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Tyler charles


Is lying down while reading bad for my eyes?

I like to read and watch TV while lying down. But my father told me it will do harm to my eyes. Is that true? Is lying down while reading bad for my eyes?
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  • marvina


    The answer is absolutely yes. When you are lying down reading, it is difficult to control the distance between the letters and the eye as well as the viewing angle and the local oppression of your brain can affect the blood flow. When people are readings, the two eyes are playing a visual role at the same time. The burden that the two eyeballs bear is basically the same, and they are also in a same substantially horizontal state. If you are lying down reading, the situation is not quite the same. When you are lying down reading, the two eyes are not in a same horizontal, so that the eyes bear the varying burden. Eye will feel fatigue easily. When you are lying down reading, it is difficult to make the eyes and reading materials to maintain a distance of more than 30 cm, the eyes will bear the triple burden of posture, line-of-sight and distance. If you don't change it, it will result in myopic eyes or other eye abnormalities. Therefore, lying reading and watching TV will easily lead to eye fatigue and a little longer, there will be a feeling of dryness in the eyes which will cause serious visual impairment.


    I agree with your father. Indeed, reading while lying down will have a bad influence on your eyes. The light in the room may be covered by your books you hold. That is to say, reading in the dark light for a long time will make your eyes shortsighted. And lying down while reading for a long time may hurts the cervical vertebra. Thus, just sit right and read.
  • Mariah shelley


    You make me wanna know your age anyway. Yes, your father is right, what he told you will do well to your eyes. Because when you lie in the bed while reading something, your body will be in an uncomfortable position, which would be harmful to the development of your bones. Also, it will damage your vision, for your eyes are too close to the book, and for the dim illumination.
  • He Qin


    I have to say that your father is right that lying down is bad for your eyes while reading. There are two reasons,first you can't keep the correct distance between your eyes and book,which will make your eyes tired more easily;second,lying down while reading can't give the enough lights to your eyes.So I hope you prefer the right way to read.
  • Charles Joseph


    Yes, it will do harm to your eyes and it also will damage your vision. Because our eyes have lenses which comes closely and can magnify the object. Then they also put strain within your eyes. So if you are lying down, it will make your eyes feel the strain. In a long time, it will damage your eyes, so you should read a book and watch TV in a right way. the minimum distance from our book should be 15 cm and not less than that.
  • Jordan smith


    As long as you hold a good direct oil lamp source and your book placement does not cause you to strain your eyes looking up or down after no.The problem arises when you hold the book at an angle that forces your eyes to look in an awkward angle or by have poor lighting.If you read 30+ minutes on a regular cause, it could lead to reverie disorder. If your eye/eyes start to hurt while reading, put the book down and get a cup of water. Try intake carrots as okay, you may think you hold good trance now, but be on the past the worst side.