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How to avoid my glasses always slide down from my nose?

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  • Youte


    You can install a non-slip nose pad. The non-slip pad can be placed on top of your nose pads, essentially raising the pads and reducing the nasal spacing, which also prevents the frames from falling off your nose.
  • Iorewww


    I think you can try to adjust the tightness of the glasses. If the temple arm of your frame is loose which causes the glasses to slide, I suggest you should go to the optician shop for professional adjustment to improve the comfort of wearing.
  • Xioe


    You should check your nose pad first. The adjustment criteria for the nose pad must be that the angle of the nose pad blade is just in line with your nose bridge. You need to use a professional nose pad clamp to clamp the root of nose pad and twist it to the nose side or the temporal side.