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How often should eyeglasses cleaner liquid be used?

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  • Ioplde


    Once your lenses get blot or stains on your lens, you can use the special cleaner liquid to wipe the lenses. Daily use is all right! After cleaning, the surface of lens will be not easy to absorb dust and can maintain high light transmittance.
  • Roulper


    You’d better clean your glasses more often. In fact, if your glasses are not washed often, they are prone to bacteria that can cause dryness, dryness and itching. So you can use the eyeglasses cleaner liquid whenever your lenses get dirty.
  • Boulpp


    The cleaning solution is also corrosive, if your lenses get dirty, you can use it to clean; But you must use clear water for thorough cleanness again after clearer fluid, to prevent chemical material remain and damage glasses.