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Does trauma eye affect peripheral vision?

Can trauma eye affect peripheral vision? How?
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  • Nadine


    Of course, it does affect peripheral vision. Peripheral vision is a large field of vision besides of central vision. Having some problem with peripheral vision, you might feel that you are looking everything through a tunnel, which is exactly the name of tunnel vision implied. Trauma on eyes could definitely cause peripheral vision problem. Trauma on eyes might cause retinal detachment, which is a direct cause to tunnel vision. Trauma on eyes might cause some other conditions which are triggers to tunnel vision too, for example, eye stroke, retinal detachment and concussions. Peripheral vision loss gives patient bad direct and guide. There is no cure for permanent peripheral vision loss. Once you found any symptoms like it, you should tell your ophthalmologist about what you are going through, and get professional suggestion and help to prevent it permanent.
  • emptypayphone


    Yes, trauma eye will affect the peripheral vision which is a part of vision that occurs outside the very center of gaze. When you have the trauma eye, your eyes vision may be affected to some degree. You may find that you could see things at blurry vision which is also conclude the peripheral vision. The central points in the field of view will be affected too. People have weak peripheral vision to distinguish the objects in color and shape because of the receptor cells on the retina which is more at the center and less at the edges. However the animals' situation is totally different from that of people. You should go to see the doctor to treat the trauma eye which could improve your peripheral vision. You'd better use the medical treatment.
  • Shelby


    Well, yes, trauma eye can affect peripheral vision. Generally speaking, peripheral vision is the ability to see objects and movement around the direct line of vision. And it is provided by the function of rods cells. According to some researches, some defects in the eye, caused by genetic predisposition can affect peripheral vision. On the other hand, eye injury or eye disorders, will affect peripheral vision too. In that situation, you will not be able to see properly around the edges and it is mostly not accompanied with any abnormality in central vision. To improve it, you can try some exercises to relax and improve your peripheral vision.