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What to do if antifreeze gets in your eyes?

It is not a comfortable feelings that a bit antifreeze got into my eyes. What should i do to reduce the harm to my eyes?
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  • Sara


    It is terrible to get chemicals into eyes. It might burn your eyes, causing too much bloodshots in eyes, and tears running out. The first priority is rinsing your eyes with water immediately and continuously. Although tears coming out to wash your eyes as the natural and instinctive reaction to the chemicals got into your eyes. Yet it is not enough. The sooner you wash it out, the sooner you will feel better. Putting some ice on eye lids could also help relieve the uncomfortable feelings. If you keep feeling pain, blurred vision or even feverish without any other causes, I suggest you go to hospital at the earliest.
  • elliekate825


    Personally, it will not cause permanent harm to your eyes. However, it will irritate your eyes may be you will get red eye. So you need to immediate rinse your eyes with tap water and repeated it for several times until you feel comfortable. However, if you get blurry vision or any other eye problem, you need to seek immediate medical attention. Hope this helpful.
  • Anthony cecil


    The situation is critical, the antifreeze is harmful to our eyes due to its lasting and infectious toxicity. The antifreeze contains many chemical substances, just like ethylene alcohol, chlorate, cabamide and so on, which causes a skin problems if you touch it, let alone getting it in eyes. But there are still some measures you can take to reduce the harm to your eyes. You have to use the clean water to wash your eyes in more times as soon as possible until antifreeze is flowing with water. In addition, use the warm cloth to cover on the eyes to release the symptom. After above steps, go to see a doctor as soon as possible for a professional treatment.
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  • Diane Bradstock


    Well, sounds really bad, so as you can see, antifreeze is a substance made up of chemicals, and it used to protect something from freezing in winter. Anyway, if they get into your eyes, your eyes would be greatly harmed, because they could be fixed on your eyeballs, really bad. So, for the time being, you need to use some water with salt to flush your eyes thoroughly before it becomes hard. Then try to visit a professional clinic for treatment.
  • Dell


    What do you do if you get some in your eye