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Mark Burns


What action should you take if resorcinol gets in your eyes?

It is a accident that a bit gets into my eyes. It is painful. What should i do now to help my eyes?
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  • harris


    Well, it seems that your situation is quite serious, as a matter of fact resorcinol is a chemical compound used as a means of fragrance . Anyway, since it is very irritative to the eyes, thus you need plenty of water to thoroughly wash your eyes and then get some antibiotic eye drops to help you. If the situation remains bad, you might as well go to see a doctor and get medical care.
  • handsomestudgw


    When you get some liquid stuff, such as shampoo, oil soup into your eyes, you could solve it as the following steps: The first thing is clam down; Second, do not rub the eye to prevent it from worse; Third, rinse your eye with much clean water; Fourth, have a rest after that. Hope it can help you.
  • Joan


    At first, you can flush eyes with lots of water immediately. If it does not work, you should go to hospital instantly to check whether there is still some residual resorcinol in your eyes. You need to use some antibiotic eyedrops everyday. Also, you should not touch eyes with water, to avoid infected from eye secretion.

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