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Can allergies cause eye blinking?

Can we frequently blink eyes when we get allergies ? Why? Does it help release the discomfort?
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  • confused_withac


    Well, yes, Allergies can cause frequent eye blinking. And in most cases, it will also make your eyes feel itchy. Generally speaking, sneezing and a mild junky sounding cough often accompany allergies can cause eye blinking. And on other words, when excessive blinking is with redness or itchiness of the eyes, it may be due to allergies. By blinking, it actually releases the discomfort. So at this moment, you should search for the specific cause and then have medication. Besides, when you have dry eyes, it is also likely to have frequent blinking. Anyway, just go and see an eye doctor, if the situation can not be controlled.
  • Jackson


    It can help release the discomfort causing by allergies, if we frequently blink eyes. Allergies are abnormal immune system reactions to things that are harmless to most people. It has various reactions, such as dry eyes. Blinking eyes is a important protective work. When the eyelid off, tears can be distributed in corneal and conjunctival, keeping watery effect.
  • walkamong123


    Yes, you may frequently blink your eyes when you get allergy. You will feel uncomfortable at the eyes. Then your eyes will unconsciously blink. However, it may to some degree release the discomfort. However, too many times of blinking a second may increase the eye pressure which will damage your eyes. Thus, you’d better use some medicine to treat it.