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What do unhealthy eyes look like?

I just want to know what unhealthy eyes usually look like. I need to check my own eyes, lol.
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  • elizabeth_starz


    Eyes are the soul of our mind. But there are many factors that can cause Unhealthy eyes such as myopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. Besides, others like eye infection, allergy eyes, pink eyes and eye stye are also damages our eye health. For unhealthy eyes, they may appear red, bloodshot eyes, eye discharges, dilated eyes, yellow eyes as well as eye floaters etc. If you want to keep your eye health, you just keep good habit of using eyes. Doing eye excise regularly and eating health can help you keep eye health.
  • ctakah4ik


    Good for you. I always like people who cares about health and life. I think we are the same kind of people. But you have to know that unhealthy eyes can have different symptoms, not only just regular red eyes, swollen eyes and sunken eyes. For example, when you get a stye, your eyes will be bloodshot with a bump inside your eyes. Do not ever ignore this, if this can' t not be cleared within three months, then you should be alert coz you may get cancer. Have you ever heard of computer vision? This is also a kind of eye problems such as burning eyes and reddish eyes. You get them coz you may spend too much time sitting in front of the computer. Moreover, if you get a small blind spot in your eyes, you have a great chance to get optical migraine. There are still some other symptoms that can indicate what kind of unhealthy eyes you have. If you still need my help, just let me know. I am glad to help.