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Alexia gerard


Does warm water help pink eye?

Can warm water comfort pink eyes? Does it help? Or what should i do to help my pink eyes?
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  • Riley eddy


    Pink eyes caused by infection and inflammation, and discomfort like burning and itchy can accompany pink eyes as well. Warm water and ice bag can help people reduce these discomforts. Close your eyes first, then soak your eyes in warm water or cold water. Or your can soak a soft cloth with hot water or cold water, then apply the cloth on our eyes.
  • Kristy Prince


    Well, yes, in my opinion, warm water can be good for pink eyes. First, you need know that pink eye is caused by the bacteria, irritants, even allergies. For the symptoms, red, bloodshot eyes can be possible. For the treatments, warm water with soft cloth can be a good option. So you can just have a try. Also, you can just apply erythromycin which can be good for your pink eyes. Besides, you need to use the drops as directed you need to make sure the bottles tip is not touching your eye to not be infected. Anyway, be careful about it.
  • eden540


    Yes, warm water can comfort your pink eyes. Pink eye is an eye ailment that makes a person's eye or eyes itch and appear reddish or red. You can use a clean towel and soak it in the warm water, then put the towel on your infected eyes, the feel of warm can really comfort your eyes.

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