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Why do i get blurred vision when looking up?

It is really strange, i got blurred vision when i looking up. Why? Or it is a sign of eye disorder?
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  • Cassidy bell


    Blurred vision usually means that people can't see things clearly. And there are lots of causes that can make you get blurred vision when you looking up. In detail, astigmatism, dry eyes, eye irritation, farsightedness, nearsightedness, presbyopia, and wearing wrong prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses and so forth can contribute to blurred vision. To treat it, you shall get a comprehensive eye exam so as to know the causes. Then, consult your doctor to a correct way to treat it.
  • williams


    It may be a sign of eye disorder, because blurred vision can be caused by lots of reasons. Tiredness can make your eyes get blurred, eyesight dropping make you get blurred vision as well. And other health problem like anemia and hypotension can also cause blurred vision. You need to check out what the reason of your blurred vision. They do something on your own condition. Relax when you're tired, eat more food to enrich your blood if needed, etc.
  • Christina


    According to your description, I can see that there is something wrong with your eye health. From what I see, it is true that blurred vision would be a sign of health risk. Perhaps your eyes or your health is not in good conditions. Probably it is resulted from fatigue or bad use of your eyes, or some infections with your eyes. But that is unknown, so you'd better try to consult a doctor and follow his advice.