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Makayla raphael


Do you know how to apply makeup for sunken eyes?

I have sunken eyes. Any makeup ideas for me to cover it?
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  • Caleb murphy


    Sunken eyes Advantage: Sunken eyes look neat and strentch well. Weakness: You will look like an adult when young. You will pine when you are getting older. Makeup idea 1: Choose bright eye shadow. Use brown stuff to brow bone. Use pink or purple color on the bright eye shadow. Line your eyes with eyeliner naturally. Makeup idea 2: You have low-lying areas in your sunken eyes. Use warm color (for example, purple color) on them. Line your eyes naturally. You will have pretty eyes.
  • Makayla raphael


    Well, what a regret for you to have got sunken eyes, so as you can see, sunken eyes are not only bad in appearance, but could lead to a loss of confidence. So, according to some of my girl friends, sunken eyes could be compatible with light colored makeups, which could to some extent cover your defects , and you should use some eyelash extensions if necessary. Just be patient until you find the best way for you.
  • Jade scott


    Yes, the makeup can make the sunken eyes not look that obvious. You could use the eye shadow to adopt on the eye parts to make the eye color seem similar. By using the eye shadow with the color to make the sunken eyes look natural you could not discover the sunken eyes.