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How much is contact lens solution at walmart?

Is there anyone who has bought contact lenses solution at Walmart? How much do they charge for a bottle of contact lenses solution?
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  • Mariah ja


    It seems that you have run out of your contacts solutions. So, as a matter of fact, it would not cost you a lot of money, since contacts solution is not very pricey anywhere, it is simply something made of cheap materials. At Walmart, generally speaking, a single case of contacts solution would cost you about several dollars,I believe all of us can afford it. Just go and buy yourself some.
  • Kyle kirk


    Yes, there is. The price of contact lenses solution at Walmart ranges from $2 to $ 30 in various ways. I suggest you to buy the cleaning and disinfecting solution of contact lenses with $ about 16. Its quality is so good that will help you get the protein which sediment on the surface of the contact lenses fully. You could have a try and see its high effect.

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