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Do children love glasses as soon as they get them?

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  • walker8016


    Nearsighted (myopic) children often enjoy their glasses immediately. However, far-sighted (hyperopic) and astigmatic children may take several weeks to adjust to wearing spectacles. If the child does not cooperate, the doctor may prescribe eye drops in an attempt to help the child adjust to the glasses.
  • Theresa M


    Sometimes the eye doctor will make specific recommendations about suitable eyeglass frames; but more often that decision is left up to you, your child whether or not love the glasses.Here are some items you should consider ,such as lens thickness, fashion forward, plastic or mental, proper bridge fit, the right temple style, spring hinges, and lens material.
  • Mandy


    If old enough, let your child play an active role in choosing his or her own glasses. The key is for parents to develop a positive attitude toward their glasses-wearing child. This happens once parents realize that the glasses will make an important difference in their youngster's eyesight. The child will now have an opportunity to expand his or her world, a chance to see better, and the ability to get information in a more efficient manner. A parent who honestly believes that the glasses are important for their child will have an advantage when it comes to getting the youngster to wear them.
  • Usrsh


    From the child's point of view, the adjustment to wearing glasses can also be difficult. Glasses may feel uncomfortable or heavy at first, especially for those kids with aphakia (eyes without lenses due to cataract surgery). They may also be inconvenient. For example, where do you store the glasses when not wearing them so you do not lose or sit on them. For the older child, it may be hard to figure out how or when to use them for sports, such as swimming and other activities.