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What type of lenses should be used for children?

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  • candylips167


    Polycarbonate (shatter proof) lenses which also have built in U.V. protection to block harmful rays from the sun are recommended for children's spectacles.
  • ANNA


    Glasses with polycarbonate lenses offer the highest degree of protection to keep eyes out of harm's way.Polycarbonate lenses help protect your child's vision by holding up to rough-and-tumble play or sports without cracking or shattering. wear glasses with polycarbonate lenses to protect their remaining vision, even if they don't require prescription eyeglasses to see clearly.The material is lighter than standard plastic or glass, which is good news for youngsters with strong prescriptions.
  • yuan yuan


    The type of lenses used in eyeglasses depends on the type of vision problem, and may include:Concave lenses are thinnest in the center. Used to correct nearsightedness (myopia), the numerical prescription in diopters is always marked with a minus (-) symbol.Convex lenses are thickest in the center, like a magnifying glass. Used to correct farsightedness (hyperopia), the numerical prescription in diopters is always marked with a plus (+) symbol.Cylindrical lenses curve more in one direction than in the other and are often used to correct astigmatism.

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