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John clark


Why do my eyes get red when i drink coffee?

I noticed that my eyes appear red when i take some coffee in recent days. Why? Can coffee cause red eyes?
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    Yes, it is true that some people's eyes may appear red after drink coffee. The main ingredients of coffee is caffeine, and caffeine can get into your blood vessel of eyes and make your eyes look red and affect your eye vessels. Over intaking of caffeine will accelerate your blood circulation and make your eye muscles spasm. That's how caffeine affects your eyes and makes your eyes look red.
  • catherinecraven


    You eyes will appear red if you drink too much coffee. Because the caffeine may keep you alert all the time, then you'll possibly get exhausted. Bloodshot eyes show up as the symptom, it denote strain and fatigue. Do not drink too much coffee, especially when you're under pressure. Once you get red eyes, stop drinking coffee, and relax more. Use some artificial tears to relieve your eyes.
  • 02/24/2021

    Because thc is the main chemical formula in caf(fein) and it causes your eyes to become red as fuck, id suggest to use visien eye drops
  • Luis williams


    Yes, excessive and some unreasonable consumption of coffee can cause red eyes and it can be very uncomfortable. Since there are a lot of caffeine in coffee can you can get caffeine allergy which can cause red eye irritation and red eyes. What's more, if you drink caffeine before bed, I tend to not fall sleep and then you can have poor sleeping, which can lead to your red eyes in return, so just do not drink coffee a lot and never drink it before bed.

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