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Paige smith


Is there a difference in reading glasses versus computer glasses?

I have some reading glasses and I want to use them to see on the computer.I am not sure if the reading glasses can be used for computer. When I wear my reading glasses for seeing on the computer, I usually get headaches.Why?
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  • Daniel baker


    In fact,reading glasses are different from computer glasses.They have different purposes.reading glasses focus on the distance that from your eyes to a book,that is , a arm length.However,computer glasses focus on the distance from your eyes to the computer screen, which is usually farther than the distance for reading glasses.
  • Kyle


    Yes.They are different.They are used for different distance, so you'd better not use the reading glasses for computer.Otherwise you will get headache and it may damage your vision.
  • carolmck


    Reading glasses are suitable for reading distance (30mm)while computer glasses are for computer distance(60mm). You'd better wear special made computer glasses when you using computer.