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Can sperm in eyes cause pink eye ?

Is it really bad to eyes to get a bit of sperm in the eyes? Is it possible to cause pink eyes?
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  • Elvis Presley


    The possibility of your getting pink eyes from the bit of sperm in the eyes is low. You just need to wash the eyes carefully with clean water and dry it with clean cloth. That is ok. The pink eyes are usually caused by the coming bacterium which will make your eyes feel uncomfortable. If you have got, you should better stay at home until its recovery.
  • Ari


    Yes, it has some influence to your eyes. But it won't cause pink eyes. Take it easy. Sperm is known to be alkalescent. When you get sperm in your eyes, it may alter the ph value of your eyes. It will affect the eyes slightly. But it won't have significant work unless the amount is too much. But one thing is sure that it is not possible to cause pink eyes. If you don't feel comfortable, wash your eyes with clean water and drip some eye drops.
  • Shelby


    Well, yes, it is very bad to have sperm in your eyes, and that can just lead to some eye problems. For example, sperm in the eyes can cause pink eyes, which is often caused by infection, for sperm in your eyes can just lead to eye infection in some cases. And when you have pink eyes, it will just accompany some other symptoms in your eyes. For examples, your eyes will just feel red, and itchy. For your situation, maybe you can just have some cold compresses. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • Gabriella


    Of course yes. Actually, every foreign bodies getting into eyes will cause red eyes, let along sperms. People always might not want to call their doctor for advice due to embarrassment because the fact that sperms does sometimes get in people’s eyes either during sex play with a partner or during men's private masturbation. So you need to rinse the affected eye or eyes with warm water. Sperms clumps easily and quickly. Try not to rub your eyes, which will cause further irritation. If you feel painful, please do not hesitate to see your doctor.

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