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Adam peters


Can yoga cure dry eyes?

I know that yoga is good to build health body. But i don't know if it help people with dry eyes? I just want to know if yoga can help cure dry eyes?
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  • Aaron may


    Yes, yoga is good to build health body. At the same time, it will help cure your dry eyes because of the perspire system. As the aerobic exercise, the yoga will make you have lots of sweat. Your eyes will become bright and moisture through the good perspire system. You could also use the eye drops at the same time to cure the dry eyes. You may also do the warm compress to make the eyes become moisture.
  • Jacqueline


    Come on, you are not that naive to believe that yoga can cure diseases? If yoga works, who needs a doctor? It is true that yoga does help to keep fitness, but no more than that. It helps to relieve body pains, improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and maintain hormonal balance. But all these work on you gradually, slowly and indirectly. If you want to cure dry eyes, more direct treatments are needed. Here are the treatments for dry eyes: 1. eyes massage compress 3. eye drops 4.blink your eyes more 5. have enough sleep plug implant surgery
  • evilrain


    Well, in my opinion, yoga can be good for dry eyes. Generally speaking, if you do not have the necessary balance of three layers in your eyes, or if your eyes do not make enough tears to coat the eye, it is possible to get dry eyes. In other words, there is something to do with tear system. And it has been proven that yoga can be good for body health, but also eye problems. For example, it can just make body have good balance. And in that way, it will just cure the dry eye problem. Also, it can be good for eye floaters. By the way, when dry eyes occur, your eyes will feel discomfort, burning, redness, tearing. So just take care of your eyes.