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How much is designer sunglasses,like DKNY, Vera Wang, Guess, ect?

Exactly how much is? Including the frame and lenses? My eye doctor is at Pearle Vision. I'm only 13 so I can't just drive there and figure out myself. I've already checked the website...useless
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  • walker


    Generally the designer glasses are more than $200 . It can varies a lot depending on the style and brands .But the DKNY glasses are much cheaper ,they are usually around $100 .The Vera Wang glasses are about $150-$200 .As you are a student ,it is better for you to get them online which will save you a lot or find some discounted designer glasses .
  • Jessica Stevenson


    Designer sunglasses will cost you hundreds of dollars. The price may vary depending on the brand and place you buy them. If you want ot get sunglasses from Prada or Bulgari, they will cost you nearly $500 including the frame and lenses. Hope this helps.

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