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Zoe may


How to put in contact lenses with long nails?

I have long nails, can i still put contacts in? I don't want to cut them.
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  • John Hendry


    First of all, find a good place to put your contact lenses in. Then wash your hands clean and dry them off. Then pick up the lens you want to put it in your eye and place it on the tip of your index finger. When putting the lens in, you should not use the tip of the finger but the side of it if you have long nails. Then pull your eyelid widely open and insert the lens into your eye. In this way, it can prevent your long nails scratching the lens and touching your eye.
  • leigh sehr


    If you often wear contact lenses, you'd better cut your long nails at least of your finger. Or, you may have to prepare a contact lenses remover. You can buy a dmv soft lens handler for inserting lenses if you want to keep your beautiful long nails. That is easy, just put your contact lens on the contact lenses remover and use one hand hold the remover. Then, use your other hand-raise your upper eyelid and pull down upper eyelid. Now, it's time to put contact lens into your eyes with the help of remover gently.