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How to spot a fake Oakley pit boss?

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  • Mackenzie rose


    As my own person experience, the real Pit Boss don't have screws but rivet in the arms and just one on the outside at the orbital. Moreover, the follow tips also can help you with spotting a fake Oakley pit boss. 1. The "POLARIZED" etching looked smaller and the print was blurry. In the real Pit Boss, the "D" of "POLARIZED" came up to the corner angle of the frame. In the replica, the "D" ends close to the T6 screw. The letters were too close together, looked narrower. 2. The lenses were not polarized, nor were they hydrophobic. I did the computer screen test and while the lenses did darken slightly at some angles, it never got truly dark as other polarized lenses would. As for the hydrophobic coat, the water beading was more similar to a pair of $5.00 plastic shades that I had lying around, rather than the really obvious hydrophobic beading I saw in my original X metal XX lens. 3. Suspicious rivets, I read that the replicas would have screws instead of rivets, but this one had actual rivets but the rivet surfaces were flat instead of rounded.
  • Robert Potter


    I find that the Lens clarity sub-par are different between fake vs real pitboss. The Pit Boss is supposed to be a premium item, with the most advanced technology for lens clarity.So the real Pitboss are very clear and will not make you headache after just trying it on. Moreover,the "PITBOSS" print was raised, but the fake one looked a bit shallow. The lens coating wasn't very reflective; the fake one was somewhat see-through. The hinges did not feel right one was tighter than the other. Lastly, it came with the most counterfeit bag and case you could ever find. Hope thi helpful.