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What is the difference between color contacts and regular contacts?

Does anyone know difference between colored contacts and common contacts? Are colored contact lenses safe for our eyes?
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  • Hunter jackson


    Well, nowadays, it becomes more and more popular for people to wear color contacts. And of course, it is very safe to wear them. As we know that colored contact lenses are used to change the color of your iris, either giving new hues to the original color by means of a barely colored lens or modifying it massively with intensely colored one. They are very similar to regular lenses, but they are different on the painted area that goes over the iris. That is the colored area around the black of the eye. Many colored contacts have no prescription, and can be used by people with perfect eyesight who just want to make them look attractive.
  • Caitlin lee


    Colored contact lenses are used to change the color of the iris, they are painted on the area that goes over the iris, the colored area around the black of the eye. However, the regular contact lenses has no any color on the surface of the lenses. And colored contact lenses are best used for special occaissions to change how their eyes look. Unlike regular contact lenses, they have no prescription so that could not improve eye vision. Hence, colored contact lenses are not suitable for wearing for a prolonged period. They are safe to wear that is similar like regular contact lenses, but just need to pay attention to them.
  • california_babi


    From the literal meaning, the colored contacts and common contacts differ mainly on the color. The colored contacts may let our eyes show the color, while the common contacts have the transparent color. However,they will be safe unless you follow the tips, such as keeping good habit of hygiene, using within expired time and often changing the solution and cleaning the lenses.


    As a matter of fact, colored contacts are quite special and different from conventional contact lenses. Because they are specially produces and they are different in many ways, such as their longer duration. Also, they are quite hard and easily to be accompanies by bacteria. However, generally speaking, they are safe to wear, on condition that they are kept well and cleaned on a regular basis, also. do not wear them much too frequently.

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