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Ethan edward


Is it normal for glaucoma patients to suffer from daily headaches ?

I am a glaucoma patient and i have headaches everyday. They seems never to stop. Is that normal? Do i need to see the doctor?
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  • Kimberly quick


    As we know, headaches is a normal symptom of glaucoma. However, if you are under a doctors care and you are being treated for glaucoma, it is unnormal for getting constant daily headaches. If so, you shall ask your doctors what really happen. Besides, I also heard that If you have high eye pressure, you may got headaches. So, you shall control your eye pressure with the help of eye doctor so as to reduce headaches.
  • walgreensunder


    Headaches are a common symptom for people who have glaucoma. However, once your glaucoma is treated, headaches will stop. People who have glaucoma may suffer high blood pressure or high eye pressure which may cause headaches on them. So people who have develop glaucoma should go to see a doctor to have them under control and then headaches will go away. Besides, if you let your glaucoma untreated for a long time, it may lead to blindness eventually.
  • b3autifulxlies


    As far as I can see, headache is one of the symptoms for people who caught glaucoma. But once glaucoma cured, the symptom should disappear. So I suggest you to go to see a doctor to make sure what the problem is. There are some ways to prevent glaucoma: to maintain happy mood and good sleep, to avoid overworking, not to eat and drink too much to do more exercise, to eat more honey and to get tested regularly. Old people should pay more attention to it.