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How long does it take for ocular herpes to show up?

How to judge if a person suffers from ocular herpes? How long does it take for ocular herpes to show up?
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  • Robert ja


    In addition to keratitis besides, the simplex virus infection of eye herpes can also cause uveitis, the green eyes photophobia, tears and ision loss. The person with light ocular herpes may have a had sexual inflammatory reaction. If the ocular herpes gets longer, it will get the inflammation continuing for a long time, which is easy to cause the various complications, like secondary glaucoma and so on. If you work so hard and use the computer day and night, you may probably get this serious disease in the eyes. Before it, you will feel dry at the eyes and then you may find the strange points in the eyes. If you don't care and continue the bad habit of life, you will feel the pain in the eyes. The ocular herpes may appear in about a week after the omen.
  • Hunter


    I heard that it may takes about one months for ocular herpes to show up. People with ocular herpes usually appear redness in eyes with tearing and pain in eyes. So, you needn't worry about ocular herpes if you don't have such symptoms. You can get an eye check yearly in case any eye problems. We can't predict what will happen to our eyes in further, just take good care of your eyes right now.
  • Colleen


    When the meniscus ganglion or certain branch of the trigeminal nerve is infected by herpes zoster bacteria, those who are receiving the radiation therapy or immunosuppressant treatment are liable to suffer ocular herpes. When a person suffers from ocular herpes, his skin is flushing and swelling, and appears innumerable transparent and banding ranked blisters with varied size. In the preliminary period, the blisters are colorless and transparent, and then become nubecula and fester, and they become crust and drop within weeks. Because they intrude corium, they will leave perpetual scars, often complicated by keratitis and iris eyelash inflammation, which influence vision. Those whose case is serious have the symptoms of having a fever, fear of cold and discomfort or swelling and painful lymph gland.

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