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Erin jackson


Do guys like girls with blue or brown eyes?

What's your opinion on girl with blue eyes and brown eyes? Which type of girl do you like, girls with blue eyes or girls with brown eyes?
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  • Mohammad S.


    Actually, I fancy those girls with brown eyes, I find it bewitching. Girls with blue eyes seems more bright, and sunshine. On the other hand, the girl with brown eyes always be more intelligent, as I see. But we cannot judge others with just the eyes color. So we need to get more understanding with them if possible. After all, eye color just belongs to appearance,the wink may be valuable to be considered.
  • claudiagonza82


    In my opinion, I like the girls with blue eyes which will look more attractive. However, many other guys like the girls with brown eyes. Both brown eyes and blue eyes are attractive. Different people have different taste. Compared with black color of eyes, these two colors of eyes are more attractive.
  • explosion_x3


    Well, as a matter of fact, this is quite a subjective question, different people have various opinions about it. So, personally speaking, as a man, I like brown eyed girls for they are more charming and mysterious, sexy. So, maybe by wearing some colored contact lenses, you appear to be more charming and could have whatever color you want. But you should listen to your heart and do not be affected by others' ideas.