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Jordan owen


Does tea tree oil work for pink eye?

Can i use tea tree oil to help my pink eyes? Does it really work? Why?
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  • cheryl


    Tea tree oil is a pale yellow color to nearly colorless and clear essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor. It is one of aromatherapy oils. Tea tree oil has been scientifically investigated only recently. Tea tree oil has so many uses for human health. An antiseptic, which contained by tea tree oil is good to be used on cuts and burns. Add a small amount in shampoo can help with hair growth. Tea tree oil also can treat sinus infection and cold. Pink eye is often caused by the same viruses that cause colds, sore throats or measles. Tea tree is a powerful germ fighter - it kills viruses and bacteria. The only thing you need to do is apply it around the eye area, but do not put them into eyes. If you really get them into eyes by accident, flush them out as soon as possible. Also, you can drop several drops into water, and then wash them with these water with closing your eyes.
  • gary


    I can see from what you said that you are diagnosed with pink eyes, which is one of the most popular problems and infections we might get if we don't take care of our eyes. So, actually, you should not rely on tea tree oil, in spite of its great functions. Rather, you gotta get some good treatment in the hospital before it is too late. For pink eyes not only make you uncomfortable, but also leads to serious problems. Go get some vitamin pills and anbiotic medicines.