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How to stop squinting eyes?

I have squinting eyes. Any treatment can help me?
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  • Joshua arnold


    Generally speaking, squinting eyes is a little troublesome to some extents. When you keep squinting, it is easy to weaken your eyes. At that time, some eye diseases such as the bags under the eyes, dry eyes and something else will occur, which are also annoying. However, there are still several treatments to splve the problem. First, you can just check your eyes frequently so that both of the eyes can develop well, also once you find some problem, you should correct with the help from glasses. Massaging eyes every night is also a effective way. Besides, you can cure it by surgery, with the high development of modern technology and medical care nowadays, the surgery will be safe and helpful.
  • cant_let_him_go


    Squinting occurs when a person wrinkles her brow and brings the upper and lower eyelids closer together. People who get vision problem is easy to get squinting eyes because they always want to look a bitter clear through squinting and closing eyes as a line. The Wikipe clarified squinting eyes into three types: apparent squint or pseudo strabismus, latent squint (heterophoria) and manifest squint (heteropia). No matter how many kinds, they are all called squinting eyes. Squinting eyes can be treated, it's true. There are no any home remedies that can help with squinting eyes. The only thing that you need to do is visit a doctor and receives a cover test to aid in the diagnosis of strabismus. Depending on the direction that the strabismic eye deviates, the direction of deviation may be assessed. So be optimistic and you'll be fine at last.